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Monday, January 14, 2013

Screaming in the Silence by Lydia Kelly

(Read November 27th, 2012)

Running away from a complicated life, Raleigh finds herself plunged into a nightmare. While hitchhiking across the country, she and her companion are struck by a car. Her friend is killed but Raleigh survives and her life is thrown into the hands of the three men involved in the accident. Bruised and in shock, Raleigh is locked in the basement of their remote country house, unsure of her fate. Kaden, one of her captors, is handsome and at times protective, and he convinces his friends to spare Raleigh’s life to ransom her. But the safety he provides is only from his friends, and Raleigh must face his sinister intentions. Agreeing to become his lover in return for continued protection, she begins to see a tender and caring side of Kaden despite their short but violent history. As the ransom payment begins to unravel and Raleigh's life hangs in the balance, she wonders how much she can trust Kaden. Are the feelings she has developed for him genuine or a result of her situation? Does he truly care for her, as he claims, or does he just see her as a ransom payment? 

4 strong Stars!

Ok, so I've just finished reading this .. and first thing I did was to take a deep breath.

My anxiety was through the roof nearing the end of this book, so I peeked to see how will it end, not much, just took a glanced at few words.. 

And what I saw disappointed me.
I was expecting the ending would be totally different. Cause at one point, reading this book I thought, shit.. another fairy-tale with the happy ending. Where no matter what goes down, in the end everyone will be happy. 
But not so much in this book. 

So back to my expectations and how it was all ruined when I peeked at the ending.
So I got back to reading it from were I left, and you know what? Now I think It's the perfect ending!
It gave totally different meaning for this book. And now I don't see it as another cheap love-fairy-tale ( just with no faeries, don't get confused on that). 

It's actually a sad, conflicted love story. Which I didn't expect. 
But it was beautiful (in some twisted kind of way). So I strongly recommend on reading it. 

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