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Monday, September 23, 2013

Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout


This is a stand alone novel that is an adult spin-off of the Lux Series You do not need to read a Lux book to read Obsession and vice versa.

He’s arrogant, domineering, and... To. Die. For.

Hunter is a ruthless killer. And the Department of Defense has him firmly in their grasp, which usually doesn’t chafe too badly because he gets to kill bad guys. Most of the time he enjoys his job. That is, until he’s saddled with something he’s never had to do before: protect a human from his mortal enemy.

Serena Cross didn’t believe her best friend when she claimed to have seen the son of a powerful senator turn into something... unnatural. Who would? But then she witnesses her friend’s murder at the hands of what can only be an alien, thrusting her into a world that will kill to protect their secret.

Hunter stirs Serena’s temper and her lust despite their differences. Soon he’s doing the unthinkable—breaking the rules he’s lived by, going against the government to keep Serena safe. But are the aliens and the government the biggest threats to Serena’s life… or is it Hunter?


Easy going, Light but sensually Dark read that I recommend to everybody! 

I give 4 solid stars to this book.

And not just because in my opinion it was better in a way, then Lux series.

Although it's not fair to compare these books, mainly because it's incomparable.
Yes the tone and the style is there. Author writes it with light humor and I love that.
So although it wasn't world shattering and completely mind blowing and powerful like some books on my favorites list, this is definitely A MUST READ material.
After all the frustration I went through during my introduction into this word full of aliens, thanks to Lux series.Not.
I found this to be refreshing and very pleasing.
Of course there are flaws ... That insta-love is getting old and I wish authors would just stop with it.
But the chemistry between those two... HOLY HOTNESS!!!!! WOW! It was worth every bitchy feeling and comment I had and thought of when reading "Onyx"...

Peace, A.

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