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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Immortal In Death by J. D. Robb


It is 2058, New York City. Lieutenant Eve Dallas uncovers a world where technology can create beauty and youth, but passion and greed can destroy them.

She was one of the most sought-after women in the world. A top model who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted -even another woman's man. And now she's dead, the victim of a brutal murder.

Police lieutenant Eve Dallas puts her life on the line to take the case when suspicion falls on her best friend, the other woman in the fatal love triangle. Beneath the facade of glamor, Eve finds that the world of high fashion thrives on an all-consuming obsession with youth and fame-one that leads her from the lights of the runway to the dark underworld of New York City, where drugs can fulfill any desire, for a price.


5 Stars!

OMG this was soo good!!! Nora is really good at what she's doing! God created her to write and that shows in her work!
I swallowed this book in one day, all the way with all my mom duties and I'm as happy as a satisfied reader could get! :))

And by the way.. I totally knew it was that person who did all the crimes! I knew it, I could smell it! 
God I'm so smart :DDDD LOL

I need just a little bit more data on books like this one and I'm definitely writing my own!
Damn it , I'd be one helluva good cop! :)))

Anyway, this series just keeps getting better and better. If you haven't started it yet, you should do that immediately ! Like now! Go online and buy her books or wait till morning ( it's a middle of the night right here.. well early morning I suppose :))) ) and go to your nearest book store or library! 

I'm having really great time reading this and I can't wait till I start the next book in this series!

Dang.. that's a lot of exclamatory marks LOL :)) I think I'm exited 

so that's my short review

see ya! ;)

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